Monday, March 9, 2009

My google site was unavailable

I was greatly surprised that google site was unable to access this morning! When I was going to upload some related information for my students to our course site, I tried one time after another, but unavailable. What's wrong? A hiker riding a trojan horse to attack my site was my first impression. Is it meaningful or worthwhile? I gave a nagative answer. What it might be?I used google engine to search google site, also unaccessible. Ok, maybe google is in a mass just as I have been for these days: unstable blood pressure, lots of things to do, under pressure. Anyway, mine have improved a lot, everything is on its way, going! When will google site recover from his illness?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Being excited to see my students in the new semester

I am so excited that tomorrow I will have the first class and see my students again in the new semester. What do they expect from this course and from me in this new semester? I think I won't let them disappointed because we two English reading teachers plan to do some thing to change the present teaching, that is, to use technological novelties to assist the reading course, to begin a so call teaching innovation. Though a hard road for us, we will try, and it is worth trying.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

An idea of teaching innovation

As the new semester is coming, I have an idea to continue my teaching innovation by using technology of web 2.0. I am not sure whether to use the old model only by using blog, or to use some new technology. I am searching the website these days and trying to find a solution.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

We finally finish students' thesis defence of the year 2007

Today is the day of students' thesis defence in our department in the year 2007. Our department will have 221 graduates this year. As for the new regulation of our uni, all of them should attend thesis defence in order to get the other fifty points in their total 100 points thesis writing. This is different from that of last year, in which only authors of excellent theses attended the defence.

Today we divided the students into eight groups, with two teachers in each group. Our group has 31 students, and it took us a whole day to finish the defence. The proces of the defence is like thesis confirmation in Australia, which is as follows: Firstly. each student will be given five to ten minutes to present his thesis, then his supervisor will ask him two or three questions concerning his thesis. After that, the student will be given twenty minutes to prepare the questions. Finally, the student will answer the questions or defence his opinions with teachers.

I am the supervisor for 15 students this time. In other words, I have to read 15 copies of theses for students going to get a bachelor's degree. Those 15 theses cover topics of literature, linguistics, culture and grammar, with each about 6,000 words. So, I was busying reading those 15 theses these days, what was even worse was that for some research fields, including grammar and linguistics, I only have little knowledge. However this is also a good learning process for me.

Saturday, May 19, 2007